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Thursday, May 17, 2007
for arts sake!

Today was the For Arts Sake show that my school has every year to raise money for Art programs!

So, this morning my dad dropped me off at school (driving my brother's M5... lol) and it took us forever to get to school because my dad wasn't use to driving the car! My dad drove my brother's car because my dad's company has this yearly car show thing... and my brother's car is like fixed up and stuff. Haha, my dad is really cute! He got all excited about driving my brother's car to work! Awwww... who wouldn't want a dad like that?! <3><" Anyhow, he told my mom that I smile and laugh a lot and don't know how to become serious, sarcastically... that's how Robert is! So I looked at him with a stern face. Haha... but then I started smiling! ><" Anyhow, the two pieces Morawa selected for me to auction made $20 each! Yay! So, I helped the Art foundation make $40!! =] It was a good day! Now, I have to start working on my design for the Graduation Commencement Program Contest... IT'S DUE NEXT WEEK! AHHHH! Also, I have to make some graduation invites to send out to family friends and stuff... ><"



Tuesday, May 15, 2007
it's over!

^"Star," filmed by Madonna's ex, Guy Ritchie! Yes, it's really Madonna! Haha! Pretty funny, right? I think Clive Owen is really cute! ><" It's an ad for BMW's E39 M5!

My older brother was telling me about this, so I decided to look it up and thought I'd share it with everyone else!

Anyhow, AP TESTING IS OVER FOR ME! YESS! :DD! I used up all my barcode sticker things for AP Art. You needed 10 of them! That was such a bummer... but it wasn't bad or anything. I just had to write out my AP # for the Psych test. =] I hope I pass most of them... haha, but I don't know! We'll see!


Monday, May 14, 2007
i'm addicted to you...

Yesterday night, I was watching this show called "快乐男声" aka Super Boys which is a singing contest on one of the Chinese channels our directTV is subscribed to. =] There's also a girl version too, but this is the guy one. Haha. Yess... there's some really cute boys. I don't know. I think the Guangzhou eliminations has the better selection of cute guys. Haha! ><" I'm so obsessed with the show! It's like ANTM for me again! Perfect timing too because ANTM ends pretty soon! Anyhow, I'm rooting for 苏醒! He's so cute! With his dimples! I also really like 王栎鑫, 俞灏明, 王晰, 刘洲成 (Um, I just named the winner of the Guangzhou elimination and the other guys who are in the Guangzhou one who are eligible to still be in the competition!!<3)

Basically, today I spent 190 bucks! 50 for limo and dinner down payment to Myles. 90 for Senior week activities. and 50 for prom ticket. When I was in line, something funny happened...
Amy: Here's the money for prom tickets... yeah, I'm going by myself...
Vincent Lee: IT SUCKS! (referring to having to buy a new ID card)
Cashier: Uh, what did you say?
Amy: Oh, I didn't say that! The person behind me did!
I didn't get why she asked me that at first, but then I figured it out because from her perspective, she thought I was saying "Yeah, I'm going by myself... IT SUCKS"Haha, but it's not too bad going stag! Because I've got my best friends there! :D

And, I'm really thankful that Brianna will go to prom stag as well somewhat because of me because she got asked by a friend, but she's not going with him... THANKS, BRIANNA! <33!

Anyways, I better get back to uh "studying"... and not obsessing over stink'n chinese boys who are in a singing competition that i will probably end up watching like every single time it airs and scare my parents off because of my obsessive-ness and that is really bad because i'll probably never meet them since there's like... uh, what! 13 million chinese or something? dangit. and from what i see on the tv, each one of the guys has a bijillion fans already. *sigh* ahaha oh well... I guess I'm more Asian than I thought... xD


Monday, May 7, 2007
fly me to polaris!

I have 2 weeks of AP testing...
and all I want to do is flyyyyyyyyyyy!



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