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Tuesday, July 24, 2007
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Where did my summer go? If I may ask.

It was spent working 10 hours/day shifts at the DMF, being lazy, asian drama overdose, sleeping, and packing for college. But! It only gets better! (Finally...) Tomorrow night, I will be on my way to the airport to catch a flight to *dun dun dun* CHINA! :D

This is my plan for my 中国 trip:
美国 - 香港 - 台北 - 香港 - 深圳 [和广州] - 香港 - 西安 - 上海 - 香港 - 美国

^Yeah, I'll be going to HK a lot... ><" It's because we're using Cathay Pacific. Haha! Anyhow, it feels like summer is coming to a close soon after this trip. When I get back, I will have a check-up (blah! I hope I don't have to get too many shots...) Then, after my doctor's appointment, I'm going to be driving up to SF! SO, I CAN MOVE INTO THE TOWNHOME I am renting with three other people I met through Facebook. Thank you, Facebook! It's because of you that I ever had a chance to get three wonderful roommates! :DD Bleh... though, recently I have been stressing over getting the lease signed and payment because all four of us are from different parts of CA and Japan! I'm so glad we were able to get most of this stuff arranged before I left! Phewww! I can't wait to meet my new roommates! I think we're going to have a blast these next 4 years! I hope we will be able to all be roommates for all 4 years of college!

Never use DHL again. They are so unreliable. I sent the lease on the 19th and it was still in SD up until now! So, thank goodness that Marti, the person who notarized the lease for me, personally went over to the DHL place and got it back and is sending it through FedEx now! I hope FedEx is more reliable! *crosses fingers*



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