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Monday, October 8, 2007
"be mischievous. it feels good."

That's what it said on one of the Dove chocolate wrappers one of my roommates gave me.

I guess it's time for an update! :D Many things have happened within a month's time! I don't know where to start first. Bullet notes! YAY!

-FRIDAY is now badminton day! Intense 3 hrs!
-Melissa Sweet took me to a Klaxons show! Amazing!
-Went to J-town one too many times... only went to Chinatown once.
-I'm stealing Jellee's camera one of these days! ;D
-& Dustin's as well~~
-I'm in love with the Cesar Chavez Student Center!
-Menchu hall! hell yeah! It's for sleeping.
-Jasper is such a jerk... he always eats in front of me when I'm hungry!
-Morning Chinese class with Angie is the best! & it's every day!
-Angie is so sweet! She always gives me stuff when I go to her place! Haha!
-Which is why I love going over there & printing my Critical Thinking HW out!
-Yan's "black" mail & postcards make my day! :D
-Astronomy Lecture is so boring. I doodle a lot.
-I'm way too hyperactive in Astronomy Lab... hmm?
-Ashley is such an emo kid. & she sounds like she came out of the comic, "Angry Little Girls" by Lela Lee... whoaaaaa~~
-I'm too blunt for this.
-I've taken a lot of random words on random objects.
-I cracked the adult v. child bus faresss! AHAHA!
-I miss my cat, Pochacco.
-I miss having my own room & having a COMPLETELY clean room rather than half of it being clean...
-Critical Thinking class makes me feel stupid.
-I've met MANY Cantonese kids
-Why are there so many asians here??
-I want to be with Yan in cow land.
-I'm talking with Yan right now... HAHA!
-Yan, stop making fun of me...
-Costco is f-ing awesome!
-Piano class is so boring as well... I like to put on the headphones so that the teacher can't hear me playing Fur Elise
-I learned a few gangsta words.... "son," "home skillet," "home fry"... etc.
-Facebook's Super Poke is so fun!
-Yan needs to get a Blog. Stupid Yan... she's need one so she rant!
-I bought plane tickets for Thanksgiving & Winter Holiday!! Woot! It was cheap!
-I think I have like 5 different counselors I need to talk to now... fun, right.
-Lovefest was ehhhhhhhhhhh
-What should I dress up as for halloween? Isn't halloween just like an excuse to be a skank? Yeaaaa...
-I still have "Brother" Robert's playing cards.... PWAHAHAH
-I found a Tapioca Express & it's super cool! because it has a VIP room avec Wii & Karaoke!
-I need a job.
-I'm always hungry.
-I keep seeing the #5 everywhereee... WTH! It's stalking me... Haha! ;D
-I miss my best friends... <3 !
-Why are all my best friends so far away??
-I need to visit Berkeley & take the Bart!
-Where is Clement St?
-I need my photo therapy sesh right now!
-Time to go now~ Chao Anh! ;D



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