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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

MY LAPTOP ARRIVED EARLY! It was said to come on Wednesday, but came on Monday instead! And it's made my week... *giddy-ness* well except for parts of my week, but that drama is over now! Thank goodness! :D

Something I wanted to say... (not part of my materialistic wants)

One of my guy friends recently asked me about whether or not I had ever been to rural China and we started a conversation about how he wanted to go to rural China because he said something about how he "felt disconnected from 'third world' countries as most english speakers do because the truth is there isn't any rural places that speak english."

...and went on about how "if a country speaks english they are a developed country"

I'm still going over the idea of that in my head. And what he said is so true! I really need to go to rural China next time I get the chance to go to China... maybe this summer?!

But the thing is, this coming summer will be Summer Olympics in Beijing. I guess this could be a good thing as well. I always hear people talking about rumors they hear about bad stuff happening in China. I've gone 4 times already and I don't see what they are talking about. Like, sure... the first time I went, I packed too much... ate some stuff I shouldn't have eaten which made my stomach ache (but I mean, if you're not use to it at first... then of course you'll get a little ill and plus, Americans have such clean stomaches... it's no wonder this would happen)... Seriously everywhere you go, there will be little issues like these. Now, I'm starting to think the idea of bringing in foreigners to China will be a big perspective opener for people who have narrow views about China! And I hope people who go to China for the Olympics visit rural areas as well... maybe even stay a night. We could learn from people who are less fortunate than ourselves. Haven't you ever heard of the idea of the more simple your life is, the happier you'll be. From the last time I went to rural parts of China, I definitely saw this and I would like to learn how to be a little happier and giving. =]


Sunday, November 25, 2007

I had my first manicure & pedicure today! It was a little scary... but those chairs are super awesome! xD

Reto is so hilarious with comments like "Did you put moisturizer on my legs??" Lady: "Yeahhhh~~" and "What? Why isn't this working?! Ohhh, you have to open the remote thing... no wonder it wasn't working!" and "Hey! You should try this! The tapping option on the chair! It's intense! Oh shoot! Sorry (to the lady)... I don't know how to turn this off!"


A day out with the boys. Awesome! :D


Thursday, November 15, 2007

I think deactivating my facebook has been the best decision I've made this whole week! Although, I am getting withdrawals like not realizing I type "facebook.com" into the web browser, but haha! That'll be over soon...

So I'm officially on hiatus from facebook! :DD
For at least the week I have off from school!
I'm flying back home tomorrow! I can't believe I'm finally going home! Who would have thought that I could've lasted this long! I, for one didn't think so!! I thought the minute my parents drove out of view, I would start bawling. But I didn't. I think calling my mom every morning while I'm walking to class helps a whole lot because I feel her presence there even though she isn't here with me at college. =]
I'm in the process of learning how to swim! I went to the swimming pool earlier tonight with a few friends. This is my second time in the pool in uh, what? like 7 years?! Yeah, I was too sissy to get into the water before! But hey, I'm always giving others advice about facing their fears, but I'm never taking my own advice. So, I decided to learn how to swim!! =] I think I was never really afraid of swimming pools or the fact that when I was younger, I probably some weird ass movie that had sharks in a swimming pool which made me never go in one after that. But no, I've grown out of that... for the most part! I finally faced my fear and ducked my head underwater! Haha! It's a pretty tiny accomplishment, I suppose? But to me, that means everything! And you know what, it really isn't as bad as I thought! I'm glad I have friends who are willing to support me! Thanks, you guys! <3


Monday, November 12, 2007
from where i'm standing


I somewhat watched the movie, "I'm Reed Fish." It wasn't that great, but I fell in love with this song! :D

It's been an amazing 3day weekend for the most part.

-I decorated my side of the room with post-it notes, a few pictures, stars... I was trying for an artsy look, but it's like artsy girly. Haha, whatever I suppose! I just thought it was about time I buckled down and started putting something on those bland white walls. Sheesh! I'm glad I did finally! I'll post pictures up soon! When I get a chance to straighten up my room and such and such... yeah!

-Badminton! I'm improving! Yay! :DD avec Mia! <3 style="font-style: italic;">beep! Haha, well I guess I'll be doing the same to him this friday...

-Green Fest... a lot of food? Haha, kinda defeats the main purpose... but yeah! I think I'm pretty green at the moment? I had a good time with my girl friends! xD Haha we were all comparing goodies that we got! :D Man, I really wanted that Planet Green bagg.... ANGIEEEE! I WANT IT! AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!! T_____T aw well. That mango apple wheatgrass was TASTY! & Hemp Soymilk... that was good! Haha!

-Film shopping? A lot of walking in a not-so-good neighborhood, but thank goodness I wasn't alone! :D Today was my first time working with John's camera (I named the camera, Tristan Dante!)... well when there's film in it! Pretty exciting! First time using B&W film as well! xD First time walking around downtown alone... well, because my friend parted ways with me (for like an hour?)... I was getting nervous having someone next to me who knows a lot more about photography... eeek! Anyhow, as I was walking, I realized I walked to where my brother works! Pretty sweet! and it just so happened that he was working right in front of the window! Unfortunately, I was trying to wave at him from ground level and he was on the 2nd floor, so... I just looked like a lunatic. He didn't see me at all! Boo!

...however, seeing my brother up there... doing what he's passionate about, that just really makes me happy! I'm glad that he chose what he loves to do and didn't let others get in the way of his decision! Kudos to him for staying strong and making my parents understand that he needs to choose his own path in life. I haven't seen my brother smile that way about anything since... I was a little kid. I'm glad he found out what he wanted to do. I'm glad to see his genuine smile! :D

-Pre-Thanksgiving dinner avec ROOMMATES! Thanks to them for preparing an amazing meal filled with tons of food! Haha! That pomegranate cider or whatever was REALLY GOOD! and Simon's mushroom gravy was SO GOOD! Haha! I <3 my roomies!!!

I can't wait until Friday! That's when I head home!! I'm really excited to go back home! As much as I love it here, I really miss home! I'm so envious of people who can go home on the weekends and eat their mommy's homemade meal. Ah! *drools* Haha, I'm sure my mom will look at me and be like... you lost weight?!! *Mom stuffs face with rice* xD Unfortunately, when I go home... I have to work. right when I get home for this Women's Expo. What a pain in the butt... -____- okay, but I'll think positive! A good way to boost up my confidence in public speaking! For some reason, I think doing sales makes me a better public speaker! Haha! We'll see... I'm getting my Macbook when I get home! HELL YEAH! I've been waiting since June! It was suppose to be my graduation gift! But of course, I waited because my eldest brother said that Apple was going to come out with a new OS. and they did. and it's out now... so! I can get my MACBOOK!!!! *giddy*

Okay, I really need to get to work!


Saturday, November 10, 2007
rain, rain...

I realize I never write in this blog when I put so much effort into the layout. Haha, so I think I will start using it. Let's see! It's raining today. Yay! This is probably the first day of a long few months of rain here... or at least that's what I've been told. My hands are freezing! I really should go put on a jacket right now, but I'm too amused at looking at the rain fall on my window...

I think moving here has made a great change in my prospect. I really appreciate my family a lot more. Sounds pretty cliche, but yes I do. I know like all rebellious teenagers, I probably gave my parents a hard time... always demanding and never giving back. They are always loving me unconditionally. Of course, I know all parents are bias and have the tendency to brag about their child. I would like to be able to give them more things to brag about... even though, they don't say things that pressure me into doing one particular thing, I put the pressure on myself and think I'm just never good enough. I'm really trying hard, 爸妈!I'm thankful for all the things they were able to teach me, even though... I was always fussy about it. Now I know, they prepared me well. 爸妈,你们不要但心!我长大了。没人可以说我什么。。。 因为我相信我自己的努力和勇气可以打败他们的怀疑。

Anyhow, it's still raining. It took me at least an hour to come up with that Chinese part... if you see boxes, then you're probably unable to read it even if you were to see it. It's okay though... It will just be something I can understand then.

There's so much I need to get done, but hey! It's a 3-day weekend.

I think I'll write later... J'ai faim.


Tuesday, November 6, 2007
my new love
tristan dante.



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